Top Trending Earring Styles 2022

Top Trending Earring Styles 2022

Earrings have been around since ancient times and are still popular today. Many earrings are available, ranging from simple studs to sophisticated chandeliers and dangly drops. Dainty and discreet earrings, bouncy and extravagant earrings, huge statement pieces, or industrial barbells all have their unique features and charm, as well as distinct backing kinds and places on the ear. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about the most fashionable earrings in the world.

How to Style your Earrings?

Do you adore earrings as much as we do, but are stuck on how to wear them?

We love to mix and combine our jewelry to create a more intriguing and personalized look. Earrings can be customized and made one-of-a-kind in a variety of ways. You can wear a variety of earrings at the same time, and they do not all need to match. Rocky mountain snaps adore this trend. As a result, you can buy each of the earrings individually so that you can stack and design them in any way you choose.

Hoop Earrings

A jewelry collection would not be complete without hoop earrings. There are so many lovely variants on this theme. Mixing different hoops in the same ear is also a great way to create a more feminine and raw look.

Try combining the sleek Midi Hoop with the rough Chunky Hoop. You can add charming pendants, like the Love Letters, or a more precious gemstone to your earring for a more customized look.

Mixed Metal Earrings

There are no standards for what is good and wrong when pairing jewelry. It’s always interesting to try something new, and combining different metals is a wonderful trick. To create a more original and energizing style, we like to blend our gold earrings with silver earrings. Combine a gold ear cuff, such as the Reflection Cuff, with a silver ear cuff, such as the Reflection Rhombus Cuff. Another eye-catching look is to pair more unique silver earrings, such as the Slender Hoop, with a more modest gold earring, such as the Small Half Moon Stud.

Modern Pearl Earrings

Who can deny the eternal beauty and elegance of pearls? We love how current changes are being blended into pearl earring designs. Modern pearl earrings are a trend that should be worn all year long, thanks to their unique shapes and colors, as well as attractive decorations and metalwork.

Colorful Statement Earrings

A flash of color on your ears will bring your spring or summer outfit to life. Pinks, blues, greens, and other colors will be a welcome sight as the weather warms.

Match Your Earrings

If you like a more straightforward appearance, you can match your jewelry and make a clear connection to the jewelry you are wearing.

Rocky mountain snaps offer a wide choice of matching jewelry options. Combine jewelry from the same collection, pieces with similar designs and patterns, or jewelry in the same metal. The combination of silver jewelry shown above creates a simple but distinctive style. There are also the eye-catching Reflection Heart Stud and Reflection Star Stud, as well as the Reflection Rhombus Cuff and Wide Reflection Cuff. It creates a cool contrast while remaining simple.

Gold-Plated Earrings

A gold-plated earring is always a better option for any look. If you prefer gold-plated jewelry, you can select various styles from the same collection. Combine the Reflection Midi Hoop with the Reflection Lightning Stud and the Reflection Cuff as an ear cuff. Even though these are three quite distinct earrings, there is a common thread that produces a really intriguing but still simple aesthetic.


Earrings can make or break an outfit. There has been a tradition of doing it for thousands of years. Elegant, glam, and sparkly. Playful. Fierce. Or all of the above. Depending on the occasion, a small and unobtrusive touch of glitter, a dangling pair that dances with you, or an edgier cuff are all great options. We have your ideal and trendy earrings.

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